Wednesday, 21 October 2009

No Place Like Home

Business has been good recently, the armour is selling well at the auctions and some of the items I've acquired on my travels made me a fair amount of coin. I've decided to finally move out the The Comb and Wattle Inn and buy my own home.

The Bree-Land Homesteads are a little way South, through Staddle and Chetwood South. I packed up everything I owned and after saying my farewells left Combe. The journey was uneventful which was good, the last thing I needed was a group of Blackwold brigands taking all my worldy possessions.

It's a great spot, close to the town centre, a beautiful waterfall a stones throw away and a gentle stream passing down one side of the property.

1 Broadford Street, Withburg, Bree-Land Homesteads.

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