Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Fall of Archet

The day we'd all dreaded finally came. At first light the Blackwold brigands attacked Archet. The small garrison we had was no match for the Blackwolds and within a few hours the town was theirs. We soon discovered just how they had become so strong, they were being led by a Servant of Angmar, √Čogan.

I was swept away with the villagers and kept under lock and key at the town jail. I prayed that my parents were safe. On the second eve a stranger approached us and explained that he had been sent to stop the attack but had been held up in Treslebridge and had arrived too late. His name was Amdir, a Ranger and he had a plan for our escape!

√Čogan set the town a blaze as we fought our way out. We tried to save as many souls as we could but the fire took far too many. Amdir was awe inspiring, his bravery and skill lifted all the villagers and we pushed harder than we'd have ever thought possible. We fought through the night and eventually turned the tide, the Blackwolds that were left retreated into the woods and we doused the remaining fires just as dawn broke.

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