Friday, 16 October 2009

Bree Town

At the intersection of the Great East Road and the North Road, the town of Bree has long stood as a gathering place for Men, Hobbits, and other travelers from the far-off lands of Middle-earth.

Travelers along the Great East Road, which joins the Shire to the west with Rivendell and the Misty Mountains to the east, still stop at The Prancing Pony Inn to share tales of adventure or news of distant lands. Bree is home to both Men and Hobbits, though adventurers must now be wary of the motivations of many of Bree's residents. As the shadow of evil creeps across the lands and the corruptible spirits of Men weaken, many of Bree's citizens, who were once open and friendly to travelers, may now have been lured into service by agents of darkness.

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