Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The time to leave Moria draws near

Looking back I was so naive, so keen for adventure, so blind to the harsh reality of the Mines of Moria. It feels like years since I've felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. The inspiring light of day and the dark blanket of night have been replaced by the constant burning of torches and fires. The never ending threat of goblins and orcs is never far away.

The Iron Garrison guards and miners have been my companions in this place, proud and fearless, their courage knows no bounds. I've lost count of the number of orcs we've slain side by side. After days of endless skirmishes the danger has been repelled, at least for now, and I'm making ready to leave for Lothl√≥rien and seek aid from the elves.

During my time in Moria my skills have improved ten-fold and I have the bitterness of a hardened veteran warrior to go with it. As a reward for my aid the dwarves have bestowed upon me enchanted swords and armour to aid me on my way. I've become especially skilled with a great two-handed sword, it's much more efficient at cutting downs swathes of beasts when they bunch together like mindless rabble.

However, I am looking forward to the feel of a shield in my off-hand again, although I will need some practise after so long. The good thing is, you can always count on another orc to put it's neck in the way of your sword...

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